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Unlock the Rhythm
of Israeli Royalties

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Your Trusted Experts in Israel

Your Royalties Experts in Israel

At Kame'a Independent Music Group, we've earned our reputation as the go-to experts in royalty collection, proudly partnering with renowned labels such as Secretly Group, Sub Pop, ECM, and many others.

Our unwavering mission is to empower international labels, music groups, and masters rights owners to tap into the immense potential of the Israeli music market.

Our Partners

Results First,Payment Afterward

Our Approach

Transparent Royalty Collection


At Kame'a Independent Music Group, we possess a profound understanding of Israeli broadcasting and neighboring rights laws, guaranteeing that you receive every cent you are rightfully owed. Our commitment to transparency is unwavering, and we operate on a simple principle: we only deduct a percentage fee from the total amount after successful collection, aligning our success with yours.

Maximizing Opportunities

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Israel boasts some of the highest broadcast royalties per minute of airtime in the world. Don't let unclaimed royalties slip through the cracks at year-end. Allow us to secure your earnings while exploring sync deals within our territory, thereby expanding your revenue streams. It's time to seize the full potential of the Israeli music market.

Navigating the Landscape

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Israeli law mandates that only entities with a registered business or company in the country can collect royalties. The intricacies of this process require local expertise and connections, which we possess to streamline the entire procedure for you. Our close collaboration with the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) further ensures seamless collections, so you can focus on what you do best – producing music.

OUR LOCAL expertise
meets your opportunitY 

The story of Kame'a


Asaf Rachmani
Founder & CEO

Founded in 2009, Kame'a – Independent Music Group stands as the paramount authority in Israel for representing international independent labels, driven by the vision and expertise of its founder.


At the helm of our organization is Asaf Rachmani, a stalwart figure in the Israeli music industry since 2001. Asaf brings a wealth of experience in rights and distribution, spanning the realms of retail, independent, and major labels.


His illustrious career includes a significant role as the Co-Establisher and General Manager of the Warner Music licensee in Israel, as well as Co-Establisher and General Manager of the independent label & distribution powerhouse, The 8th Note.

Our dedicated and passionate team, boasting years of hands-on experience in the music industry, specializes in the intricate domains of rights, repertoire, and distribution. Together, we bring unrivaled expertise and an unwavering commitment to advancing your musical endeavors both in Israel and on the global stage.

start collecting today: maximize your earnings

Our Services

Rights Management

Our core strength lies in rights management, where we excel at identifying and collecting royalties on your behalf

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Physical and Digital Distribution

We handle both physical and digital distribution, ensuring your music reaches a wide audience in Israel and beyond.

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Record Label

We nurture and promote Israeli talent as a record label, helping local artists find global success.

Your Music, Your Money:
Get played, get Payed

Our Talented Staff

Asaf Rachmani

Asaf Rachmani

Founder & CEO

Shahar Yosef

Shahar Yosef

Digital Distribution

Joey Gerber

Joey Gerber

International Business

Ron Herscovici

Ron Herscovici

Label Manager & Digital Marketing

Hadas Eytan

Hadas Eytan


Tamar Balas

Tamar Balas

Production Management

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18 Yehuda Halevi st, Tel Aviv, Israel

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